Q & A with Brooke

Q: What inspired you and Yoga-Wings?

A: I’ve always been a very active person with a personal commitment to mind/body fitness. At the same time, I’ve been very fortunate to lead a varied and adventuresome life that has taken me to fascinating places and working with amazing people around the world—via my other careers as a International Airline Flight Attendant and Commercial Pilot, as well as working as a dental assistant traveling the globe on dental outreach missions in under-developed countries.

Some of my best experiences have been visiting exotic places like Thailand and other Asian countries where various forms of Yoga, Meditation and ancient Vedic traditions were practiced and had been part of their cultures for thousands of years. Several years ago a close family friend and Vedic Meditation teacher introduced me to another renowned Vedic Meditation teacher from India. He had learned and worked closely with highly revered Indian Guru’s and had learned both advanced meditation techniques and Ayurvedic practices for health.

When I learned this meditation it was like a light switch was turned on and all my previous career experiences came together to form a new life path. And, since mind/body fitness had always been a priority for me, the inspiration I had was to become a fully certified Yoga teacher. Since then, I’ve sought to blend all my worldly travel experiences with Yoga teaching to create a lifestyle career that brings a new level of adventure and enjoyment to the teaching, learning and practice of Yoga…both domestically and abroad.

The family friend who first introduced me to meditation has also had a long career background in marketing and business development. He helped me launch my Yoga-Wings website and collaborates with me on the ongoing development of my Yoga Around The World program, as well as offering Vedic Meditation and Jyotish Astrology readings.

Q: What are some of your proudest moments?

A: Really all of them. But some of the greatest fulfillment comes when a new student “gets it”…when they make the personal connection between the essence of their own mind and body and get into the flow of their Yoga practice. I know that, when people follow the practice as taught on a regular basis, they will get the benefits. It’s automatic. My job is to be the kind of teacher that both inspires and guides them to achieve their desired level of results…and maybe even exceed them.

It’s also especially rewarding when someone with health or physical limitation issues learns that they can truly improve their health, plus work around any physical limitations. Even someone with severe physical limitations can practice certain Yoga exercises as well as many Pranayama breathing techniques. When they begin to see and feel how their mind and body are becoming more fluid and harmonious, their sense of inner well-being and outer vitality brings them to a new level of personal accomplishment and optimism from the very core of their Being.

As we know, anyone of any age or lifestyle can practice some form of Yoga, and everyone who does will gain the benefits and see improvements in their life.

Q: What’s new or upcoming for you and Yoga-Wings?

A: As noted here, I’m teach Yoga courses here in my hometown while preparing for another Yoga adventure in Peru. We’re in the planning stage of conducting some new Yoga and Meditation Retreats here in the US and other parts of the world. As those plans get closer to finalization, we’ll be posting schedules and locations at and on our Facebook pages.

Finally…let me express again my deep appreciation for your interest and support in what I’m trying to create with Yoga-Wings. As the website notes, I’m an all-American girl who loves life, is dedicated to mind/body fitness and is determined to have a lot of fun practicing and teaching Yoga. Fortunately I also have some dear friends and spiritual partners who help me along the way. My goal is to grow within my own Self and inspire the same with others. It’s always more than twice the fulfillment when we can share this experience with other seekers and watch them evolve along this path into their own personal vision of Self-fulfillment.