June 9, 2017

Q:  What inspired you and Yoga-Wings?

A:  I’ve always been a very active person with a personal commitment to mind/body fitness.  At the same time, I’ve been very fortunate to lead a varied and adventuresome life that has taken me to fascinating places and working with amazing people around the world—via my other careers as a International Airline Flight Attendant and Commercial Pilot, as well as working as a dental assistant traveling the globe on dental outreach missions in under-developed countries. 

Some of my best experiences have been visiting exotic places like Thailand and other Asian countries where various forms of Yoga, Meditation and ancient Vedic traditions were practiced and had been part of their cultures for thousands of years.  Several years ago a close family friend and Vedic Meditation teacher introduced me to another renowned Vedic Meditation teacher from India.  He had learned and worked closely with highly revered Indian Guru’s and had learned both advance...

December 14, 2016

Here's a look back at me having some fun with a Sun Salutation routine. And that's the thing--Yoga isn't just healthy and enlightening for anyone at any's FUN! And the more you do it the MORE FUN it is!  So spread your Yoga Wings with me and let's have FUN together on our flight to enlightenment--getting healthier and happier all along the way!

September 29, 2016

My career background includes years as an International Commercial Airline Flight Attendant and Commercial Multi-Engine Land Pilot, along with going on numerous medical missions to foreign lands.  So I’ve been to lots of incredible places in my travels…places that are ideal for taking my Yoga Wings teachings and holding Yoga retreats.  I’ll be visiting with other Yoga and spiritual teachers in many ancient and exotic locations and keeping a video diary of these experiences.  All of this gives me the opportunity to share my Yoga Wings experiences with people across the globe and to bring you along with me—both through this social media platform and on actual retreats to exotic spiritual power spots all over the world.

You can get a glimpse at some of my travel adventures on my website.  And members of our exclusive Yoga Wings Team will have ongoing access to my many travelogue videos that chronical these adventures via our exclusive Yoga Wings Video Series

So…Come “fly” with me...

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