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Yoga is a Sanskit word that means “Union”; as in Enlightenment.  The union of the “little self” with the “Big SELF”, the Inner SELF, the Eternal SELF.  Yoga, as a practice, involves many techniques set forth by the Rishi’s or “seers” of ancient India that lead a person to naturally unfold their true SELF from within.  Many variations of this knowledge ultimately spread from ancient India and became the spiritual foundations of many cultures throughout the world over many, many centuries.


These ancient Yoga practices include Hatha Yoga (various bodily postures and positions), Pranayama (various breathing techniques), Dyana (Vedic Mantra Meditation) and other disciplines and behavioral modes for purification and SELF realization.


My Yoga practice spans several years and embraces many of the most ancient Vedic traditions.  The primary forms of Yoga I use and teach are Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Beginners and Pre-Natal Yoga.  I also teach in various types of Pranayama breathing and meditation techniques.  Currently I am working towards my official 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certificate at Triad Yoga Institute in Greensboro, NC under the direction of Certified Yoga Teacher, Terry Brown.


One of my closest friends and collaborators also teaches advanced Vedic Mantra Meditation and offers comprehensive Eastern Astrology a.k.a. Jyotish astrology readings.  With over 40 years tutoring under some of the most enlightened masters in the world, he brings an amazing depth of knowledge and experience to his teachings. 


Together these ancient Yoga practices we offer help promote optimum health, happiness and enlightenment.  Stay tuned for more information on Yoga and Meditation.  Feel free to email me with any questions at

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